RandomWiki is a typeface family created by the students of the DN MADE Graphisme (La Martinière-Diderot, Lyon, Fr), during a type design initiation workshop given by Lucas Descroix (Bonjour Monde) in February 2023.

Students were each asked to create a display typeface based on a Wikipedia article chosen at random. In order to get an interesting conceptual distance they first gathered words and images, then explored abstract rhythms by hand.

These 15 fonts and accompagnying specimen material have been entirely designed and generated by students during a one-week workshop. They are available under CC BY-ND 4.0 license and as is, without any warranty. Neither Bonjour Monde nor the students shall be held responsible for any issue resulting from downloading and/or using the RandomWiki font files. That said, have fun!

RandomWiki Hungaria
Naomi Aksila

Inspired by: (79472) Chiorny.

RandomWiki Stephensii
Garance Burguburu

Inspired by: Hoplocephalus stephensii.

RandomWiki 1681
Alexandrine Coste

Inspired by: 1681 en science.

RandomWiki Gattel
Marielle Heilig

Inspired by: Claude-Marie Gattel.

RandomWiki Wallonne
Louna Klis

Inspired by: Rue √Čdouard Remouchamps.

RandomWiki Ashton
Adèle Laurent

Inspired by: Mark Ashton (musicien).

RandomWiki BB 10001
Chloé Léglise

Inspired by: BB 10001.

RandomWiki Marmos
Ma√ęva Morini√®re

Inspired by: Marmosops parvidens.

RandomWiki Valves
Agathe Pourcheresse

Inspired by: Nicolas Henri Jacob.

RandomWiki Cimentium
Sarah Pradeilles

Inspired by: Michel Ciment.

RandomWiki Strike
Emma Rinalduzzi

Inspired by: Animaniacs: Ten Pin Alley.

RandomWiki ST James
Dacha Tcherenkov

Inspired by: √Čglise Saint-Jacques de Handsworth.

RandomWiki Shining
Giuliana Tramuta

Inspired by: Shining Force EXA.

RandomWiki Selexine
Arthur Wardenski

Inspired by: Serelaxine.

RandomWiki Joki
√Čtienne Weber

Inspired by: Kettujoki.