RandomWiki is a typeface family created by the students of the G5 Communication 360 class (LISAA Graphisme, Paris, Fr), during a type design initiation workshop given by Lucas Descroix and Benjamin Dumond (Bonjour Monde), in February 2023.

Students were each asked to create a display typeface based on a Wikipedia article chosen at random. In order to get an interesting conceptual distance they first gathered words and images, then explored abstract rhythms by hand.

These 15 fonts and accompagnying specimen material have been entirely designed and generated by students during a one-week workshop. They are available under CC BY-ND 4.0 license and as is, without any warranty. Neither Bonjour Monde nor the students shall be held responsible for any issue resulting from downloading and/or using the RandomWiki font files. That said, have fun!

RW Are You
Audrey Fischer (Round), LĂ©a Miquet (Circle) and Alexis Declair (Linsecte)

Inspired by: Are You Experienced.

RW Bayzak
MĂ©lissa Mazat (Ornamentum) and Rabyatou Gaye (Kalpak)

Inspired by: Campo sportivo Gianpiero Combi.

RW Bubble
Margot Bonnet (Geometric) and Hermeline Bacot (Organic)

Inspired by: Graphique Ă  bulles.

RW Buste
Natacha Texier (Bloc), Violaine Beyer (Break) and Marie Longuet (Brise)

Inspired by: Les Six Thatcher.

RW Brewster Hill
Capucine Lacroix (Road), Camille Pruvot (Lake) and Pauline Comment (Line)

Inspired by: Brewster Hill.

RW Cendrier
Jeanne Carpentier (Brûlé), Clara Mary (Fumée) and Marine Guegan (Particules)

Inspired by: Heinrich Hirschsprung.

RW Fierozzo
Lisa-Marie Gil (Trentine), Camille Delprat (Curva) and Séréna Delagnes (Rilievo)

Inspired by: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fierozzo.

RW Gianpiero
Franck Chabin (Campo) and Magali Dieudé (Sportivo)

Inspired by: Campo sportivo Gianpiero Combi.

RW Mikanda
Sophie Bouillon (Typossendjo) and Sarah Mauricette (Ntina)

Inspired by: Mossendjo.

RW Sagina
Alizée Bourgeois (Grow), Clarys Cavet (Moss) and Lauryne Clément (Spark)

Inspired by: Sagina abyssinica.

RW Uneslay
Guillaume Nestelhut (1984), Louise Bruchier (1992) and Quentin Faretra (1997)

Inspired by: Prix UNESCO de l'Ă©ducation pour la paix.

RW Zollern
Frederic Elise (Digne) and Marie Pirodon (Allure)

Inspired by: ChĂąteau de Hohenzollern.

Prénom Nom (Nom déclinaisons typo), Prénom Nom (Nom déclinaison Typo) and Prénom Nom (Nom déclinaison Typo)

Inspired by: ChĂądddteau de Hohenzollern.

Jeanne Saint-aubin (Thriller), Marine Guilbert (Action) and Gaby Serna (Sitcom)

Inspired by: Dan Butler.

RW Acrostiche
Alix Coudrain (Slice), and Paloma Rambault (Rounded)

Inspired by: Les Acrostiches.

RW Dichato
Samantha Revol (Dichato Ondulante) and Timothée Heurtault (Dichato Pincho)

Inspired by: Dichato.

RW Génération
Mathilde JEAN (Anthony Palou), and Amandine JULIA (Enfance)

Inspired by: Anthony Palou.

RW Halin
Rebekah Heffernan (Grafo), Ilan Moysan (Arbo) and Tom Rouleau (Cubo)

Inspired by: Graphe de Halin.

RW Paderne
Claire Guerrier de Dumast (Bridge), Manon Hauville (Sanglier) and Perrine Grizeau (Ocean Flow)

Inspired by: La Corogne

RW Polive

Inspired by: Saison 8 de PJ.

RW Sacré Font
Morgane Bourdeau (Sacré Typo ancienne), Océane Richard (Sacré Typo récent)

Inspired by: Sedliơtě (district de Jičín) .

RW Sirok
Periatamby Nathanaëlle aka Nadwl Studio (FLORE), Laura Henssien (Spiky Baby) and Sarah Adaime (Nom déclinaison Typo)

Inspired by: SIROK.

LĂ©a Aubailly (Rumba), Sarah Caussade (Ritmo) and Ninon Geoffroy Nom (Veloz)

Inspired by: Dendrotriton chujorum.

RW Vera
Margot BIESSY (Rorschach), Farah MRAD (Yanitskaia) and Elianore TCHOUTANG (Bolezn')

Inspired by: Vera Schmidt.

ï»żHuong Pham (Trogon), Mina Castro (Swift)

ï»żInspired by: Martin ExpĂ©rience.

RW Bojan
Carla Davy (Noble), Emma Soum-Brugevin (Fighter) and Coco Hamard (Strong)

Inspired by: Bojan.

ï»żCamille Henry (Guinguette), Kim Mahe (UltraViolence) et Enora Tertereau (Douce)

ï»żInspired by : Viviane Chantel

Philippe Roquefeuil (Impact), Axel Flament (Courbée) and Benjamin Pécout (Acier)

Inspired by: HĂŽtel Poignant.

Coline Guillo (Luik), Roxane SCHANEN (Oprit) and Soraya Baberrih (Steen)

Inspired by: Hotel de ville de Bolsward.

RW Secret Agent Man
Louise Fraisse (Holiday) and Lily Diraison (Monk)

Inspired by: Secret Agent Man.

Fatima Porquet (Grease), Alexandra Kardacz (Ribbon)

Inspired by: Le thé de Tissot.

Lou Palma (Symbolik), Carla Fabrizio (Abenak) and Gersande Pereira (Tabernak)

Inspired by: La Mission du Sault de la ChaudiĂšre.

Théophile Auvigne (Sympa), Fleur Lafont (Aimable) and Paul Godot (Charmant)

Inspired by: René Wiener.